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Bromo Seltzer Tower Engagement Session  

baltimore, maryland

Bromo Seltzer Tower Engagement Session

When Paul asked me to organize their engagement session at the top of the Bromo Seltzer Tower in Baltimore I couldn’t have been more exhilarated! A quick internet search convinced me that this was one of the coolest places around. 

So few people know about this gem, yet The Tower was hands-down one of the most fascinating locations I’ve shot at. When we got to the top the view alone was dazzling, with a birds-eye perspective over Baltimore’s skyline. But walking inside was truly awe-inspiring. With rich history and jumbled industrial architecture, there were so many interesting spaces to play with depth, width, and height. Fortunately, I was with a fearless duo eager to climb up onto the massive clock for some unreal shots!

I had a wonderful time here soaking in the atmosphere alongside these two beautiful people with whom I had the honor to share this all-too-short adventure! 

Take a peek at some of my favorite images inside this awe-inspiring place