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About 5 years ago, right before a family trip abroad, I got my hands on my first DSLR camera. As I traveled I snapped pictures of everything and anything; of people, landscapes, and wildlife.
When I got back home and downloaded and my images it was pretty clear to everyone that photography was in my blood.

Having been born in Mexico, I moved to the US when after graduation and I began a successful career in business administration. Still, I was drawn to photography. I was so passionate about it, I could be found waking up at sunrise on frigid mornings to capture landscapes, or outdoors late at night staring at the stars to capture the Milky Way.

On weekends I would practice portraits of families. Friends began asking for headshots, wedding sessions, maternity portraits, family photos, and real estate photos. This provided me the opportunity to practice a wide range of photographic styles.

Wedding Photography Los Cabos, Mexico

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Event Photography Los Cabos and surrounding areas

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Couples and Family Photography Los Cabos

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Learning more about Photography

The Path of mastering Photography

Since that trip abroad years ago, I have worked hard to perfect my art and technique. I have attended classes, seminars, workshops and even received mentoring from world-renown photographers.

I am proud to be able to say that I have won multiple awards, my images have been published in magazines and featured on blogs.

Although my primary focus is on couples, weddings, and portraiture. I am, and always will be, an adventurer at heart. I have traveled to 22 countries so far and I hope to capture on film so much more of our amazing planet. Taking photos of people while they are in harmony with their environment is something that deeply intrigues me and is a personal inspiration to continue to hone my skills.


Learning and Teaching Photography

My signature style is cinematic. Being technically strong in both landscape photography and portrait photography has helped me find a distinctive niche. I find that when you have an eye for both the person and the surroundings, the result is a stunning and distinctive image.
Rather than following the latest trend, I tailor and customize my approach to capture the true essence of each moment, the environment, and the people
I can create a light and airy collection as easily as a dramatic, stylistic collection.
I want my clients to be transported back to the same emotions they felt at the moment of the shoot every time they look at their photos.
My clients don’t just receive photos, they receive art that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Photography Service

Full Professional guidance

And due to my background in business, I also believe in the importance of customer service. I believe that this aspect is too often overlooked in the industry, but working closely with my clients allows me to get to know them on a personal level. I can provide quick and professional guidance through the entire process and pleasant and comfortable experience!

Most importantly, I do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. I can be found mountain climbing, bungee jumping, surfing, hiking – you name it and I’m up for it!

What I love most about photographing in Baja are the raw natural beauty and diverse settings. One day it’s possible to take photos in a tropical palm grove surrounded by flowers and then in the middle rocky, arid desert. I love to take my clients to “secret” local spots that spark my imagination. And also provide an excellent opportunity to intrigue them with the local area and culture. I want to provide an out of the box experience that is fun and memorable.


Free Photo and video sessions

I am always giving free photography sessions for people that can’t afford it and also if its to help a good cause.             I Am also constantly donating part of my profits to non profit associations. During Covid 19 we have donated more than $1,500 in a couple months to help families that lost their jobs due to the quarantine.                                    

Please contact me with any project ideas and any collaborations.

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I do not cahrge any traveling fees to Dc/Maryland and most of the baja area

Since I am constantly traveling between this two areas, I do not charge traveling fees.

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I believe every wedding is different that’s why I work closely with my clients to achieve the look they want for their wedding if you have any idea, new places, I all in for the adventure!!!  If you want contact me, please use the form above or give me a call right away.

My email: ricke@rickeherbertphotography.com

My number is +1 (443) 910 3550