Finding a Professional WeddingPhotographer in Los Cabos


How can you find the best possible photographer in Mexico?

It can be challenging to find a photographer in your home town, let alone in another country. I’ve put together some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck while getting amazing photos that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime!

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Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart, and for beginning photographers any little thing can throw them off their game. Be sure your photographer has experience with your location, style, and vision. Destination weddings are a whole other ballgame when it comes to wedding photography and you don’t need the additional complications and confusion of a rookie photographer trying to navigate a foreign country.

And of course, they should not view this as a free vacation! Look for a professional who is able to handle the challenge of travel, thinking on the fly, and understands the logistics. This will make the experience that much easier for you. This day is all about you and you don’t want to risk a mess-up with your photographer.

Missing an emotional moment

is not worth risking it.

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Find a Bilingual Photographer:

 It’s extremely helpful to have a photographer who can communicate with vendors and planners with ease.

As a photographer in Los Cabos, I frequently find it necessary to be able to speak in both languages. It helps avoid mistakes that can be time sucks.

I also can translate for the couple if needed – and this is actually needed more than you would think! While amazing images don’t require a bilingual photographer, it certainly makes your day go a lot easier.

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Choose a Local:

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a local wedding photographer. You don’t want to be their “first” go round in your chosen location.

An experienced local photographer can offer tips on venues, planners, sites, and activities. Mexico is such a diverse country, and while many photographers are lured in by the idea of taking photos in an exotic locale, this is not what you want when choosing a photographer.

Ideally, your chosen photographer already knows the area, where to go, how to get there on time, has their own transportation, all their gear, and can speak the language.

I enjoy taking my couples to the absolute best spots, be it in a hidden corner of a big resort or in a natural setting for just the two of you to enjoy! Choosing a professional local wedding photographer will give you both peace of mind and stunning images.

Avoid Travel Fees:

Along the same line, if you go local you can avoid costly travel fees which eat into your budget.

Photographers who travel with you will typically ask you to cover lodging, meals, and transportation. This can be avoided by going with a local wedding photographer. Spend that money on something else and make your wedding the best day ever!

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Take Caution with Resort Photographers: 

Resorts often bundle a photographer into the price of your wedding package, but be wary of this option. Many resort photographers offer a low starting price, but you will only get a limited number of images and a couple hours of coverage. If you choose more hours or images the price will dramatically increase, and often you will still find that the hours of coverage don’t include getting ready images or time ends before you cut the cake.

To avoid disappointment on such an important investment, be sure to ask for a portfolio of images including a full wedding of the photographer you will be assigned for your wedding, check package pricing, and if possible, book your photographer separately.

At the end of your wedding you will be left only with images for you and your family to enjoy. Don’t waste money on a photographer who doesn’t give you what you want. It’s also a big advantage to be able to communicate with your photographer on your own, this helps ensure you get your dream images and the amount of time you desire for a price to suit your budget. You will also have far more options when it comes to choosing prints, albums, and framed images. Don’t skimp on such an important priority. 

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